We made our goal of staying up to 10:00 PM, (22:00) last night crashed and felt human this morning. A major gym is part of the hotel so we worked out then spent all afternoon setting up the company booth at the trade show. As we walked back to the hotel, we realized we forgot to take a picture of our day’s labor. So here is Jay just now sitting at the laptop as we post this. We have a great room with this expanse of windows facing the Alps. It is a little cloudy right now so they don’t show up well. Mountains are the land feature I’ve missed most since moving to the upper Midwest. The good people of Wisconsin deserve a range.

Tomorrow the trade show begins and Mr. Jay, famous for his tremendous sense of direction (NOT) will be exploring on his own. -Ken


  1. Jay I sure would love to hear about the food that they have how about a picture of a market or bakery shop? More pictures please.



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