Where To Find Inspiration For Your Art/Life

With all the tons and tons and TONS of social media swirling around, where the heck can you find inspiration? Well that’s pretty easy. Everywhere. From looking out the window, to opening a book of poetry, to dashing around Facebook, we’re saturated with the stuff.

The thing that I sometimes struggle with is how to keep the fire burning. How to not only find your artistic stride, but to carry it forward to completion. Nothing like typing the words, “The End.” Or signing the bottom of your painting or just putting on those mittens you just finished knitting.

But you really should finish.

How can you pick up the next project knowing in the back of your head there’s that unfinished thing needing your energy?

I read a poem before I begin my writing day. I have all sorts of collections lying around that I can pick up and just find some words and then enjoy the images, thoughts, feeling-tones that come to me. It slows me to a place I can do my art; my writing.

Find what brings your creative juices up to a slow bubble and do it! Make something like a loaf of bread or hand-made pasta to find your stride. Food is one of the best ways to reignite the flow of energy that leads to creativeness.

Now go!


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