When Someone Takes Their Life



Bill's Gravesite


Not too long ago, I lost a dear friend. Someone I had known for many, many years. For reasons unknown, life became too much for Bill. It’s what he left behind that’s so hard. Where do you place blame or judgment or anger?

What I like to suggest to those in pain over this loss is to forgive.Who knows what led Bill and so many others to such a hell? I heard there was a note. I honestly hope to never read it. What’s the use and really, it’s such a private affair.

When someone you love, for whatever reason, passes away or on or however you view it, there is a space left behind. I used to think it had to be filled up again, so that you could have some kind of closure, like a hole in need of mending.

Now I see death in a different light. No need to fill up a space this person used to fill. Why not honor it instead. Plant something living you can tend.

And as you do, remember…

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