What is Beauty?

I’m working on a new novel and one of the main themes it grapples with is beauty. What is it? Is it youth? Is it a perfect body, huge breasts, a nose to die for or is it perhaps more?
To me it’s the more part that I find so darn intriguing. And yes, I do love Cher, but not because of the image she presents—but for the woman—the power, she has become. She can also sing like nobodies business.
Image has always been a fascinating aspect of human nature that has forever left me in awe. The amount of money we spend on products we know don’t work (wrinkle cream, c’mon) is just plain crazy.
And yet, after all is said and done and exfoliated and bleached and pulled and pushed and perhaps, even, removed or at least re-shaped, aren’t we still us?
That’s the rub. No matter how we fiddle with the packaging, we’re still us.
Next time you peer into a mirror, send yourself a wink from me, cause honey, you look GREAT!

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