We’re going to Geneva!

Hi Family & Friends,

The blog I did for the trip to Bangkok and Bangalore in January went so well we thought we do the same for our trip to Geneva. Check back to see our progress, the shot of us is at home in front of our beautiful pond and now we’re leaving for Eau Claire airport and will be back Saturday 5/10. I’m going for a trade show and Jay is coming along for his first trip out of the US.

Sure hope they let Jay back in the country…
Love to all,

Did I pack enough hair goo? Is this the right shirt? Can I take this many books? Oh boy…here we goooooo!


  1. Bon Voyage, friends!! You MUST post every night before sleep so we can have the full day’s experience.

    And Jay… just because you’re going to Switzerland, doesn’t mean you should ask for those mini marshmallows in your cocoa!

    Love, Love,
    Carrie and Mark

  2. Ah Ha-They’re gone-now I can start building the zip-line from my place to theirs. In a few days-it’ll be all down hill for me-in minutes!! ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, (evil laughter)

  3. Wow very cool blogness you sure look rested. So great you are out of the country. Have fun I will keep looking at the pictures.



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