Unexpected Beauty—

Beauty can surprise you. It can sneak up on you. Be found in something many would consider ugly, or even stupid. Don’t listen to them. Art is like that, it’s special appeal something only you might see. Many times (tell me this hasn’t happened to you) I’ve been visiting someone and they proudly show me a new painting or vase or sofa and, on the outside, you’re all ooo’s and ahhh’s, but inside you’re wondering if maybe this person is going blind!

After we lost our old farm house in a fire a while back, what was left was hauled away. Leaving behind the possibility for something new. While readying the area for this new home, I came across this piece of charred wood from the old house and it just blew me away.

It held something so beautiful. It had become something else.

No longer a reminder of something sad, this piece of charred wood had been transformed into art. Well, not if you ask my mom. But to Ken and I it holds a beauty that maybe only we see and that’s enough for us. It’s perfect.

Charred Beauty

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