Madeline Island School of the Arts ROCKS! (again)



My MISA Table---Heaven


Once again, I returned to MISA for some much needed inspiration.

Well, to be honest, I needed a Mary Carroll Moore hit.

The island is magical. Something changes when you ferry over and step onto it. A letting go begins. Something opens for you to do your art, find your voice and discover a new path.

I was thrilled to learn that my sister would be coming as well. She attended a watercolor class and as the week unfolded, I watched her work go from tightly woven, to more free.

We both came away with something new to add to our tool kits. I’m realizing as I grow as a writer, there is much to learn.

Find time to do your art. This small table with the view of waving grass helped me find mine.

Find yours.

I’m a Beach Read—But We Will Need Sun!

 Okay, so it’s June, right?

And since my new novel is a

book-club-beach-read kind of thing.

Might you know anyone, you know, in charge of all things SUN?

Could you tell them enough with the rain?


Oh, and tell everyone I need more reviews on Amazon

 If you do, I’ll write a fourth…

Okay, so where’s Spring?

Honestly Folks—It really IS Spring! (Right?)

Can you believe this?

April is wearing all of us out.

May is around the corner and yet, when can we put the shovel away?