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After attending a week-long workshop last summer on, of all places, Madeline Island, my writing took a major turn. (MISA). Taught by Mary Carroll Moore.

I finally understood some key elements to move my story in ways I hadn’t a clue before. Using my groovy-cool story board, tons of Post-Its and simply dividing up the essential story-lines into acts, I came away with a really compelling tale.

Well, actually it’s turned into two stories that in the beginning are running parallel and eventually the two blend. Ha! They merge into one big ol’ mess and that’s part of the story. Part of life, really. Life can get pretty chaotic.

Bottom line; this has freed me to dig deeper into what motivates my characters. What lies beneath the person they portray themselves as on the outside—that’s the good stuff.

Then there’s the accidental murder, which leads to that little issue in the basement which, in turn, unravels and must be dealt with seeing as there was a fire. Secrets never stay secret and through their telling, something deep within finds the courage to step forward and into the light.

I think you’re really gunna like this next novel.


  1. I really enjoy reading about peoples’ creative process. Authors, painters, everyone, tackles it differently. Those who keep producing are the ones who have found ways to get through the creative dry times and ever again come back to face the “blank page”. Its not an easy job.

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