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Camino IslandCamino Island by John Grisham
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Camino Island
By John Grisham

Reviewed by Jay Gilbertson

A beach read novel of pure catnip for book lovers. Be warned, you may experience a sudden loss of time with this high-brow mystery set on an island off the coast of Florida. Ridiculously famous author Grisham waved a literary wand and combined Marco and Amelia Island into his clever Camino creation.
The premise of this twisty who stole it mystery is built on the fact that the Princeton Rare Books and Special Collections department has five original F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts. Though heavily secured behind thick, bullet-proof vault doors, they are pinched by a gang of five buddies that honestly should have stuck to deer hunting. The heist becomes the catalyst that rolls out and rocks the boat down on Camino Island.
Cue the marimba!
Meet struggling professor and long ago published author, Mercer Mann, the adjunct professor of freshman literature at the University of North Carolina. Her position has recently been eliminated and her future employment opportunities are relatively non-existent. An intriguing email drops into Mercer’s lap from a mysterious woman offering her an interesting alternative. Elaine Shelby not only offers Mercer a cushy job, but the stakes are cranked ten-fold with an opportunity to once and for all finish an old manuscript. Naturally, the caveat for acceptance of Shelby’s proposal are complex, full of risk and loaded with wine.
“We’re under a lot of pressure, okay? I have no idea what you might learn, but at this point anything could be helpful. There’s a good chance Cable and his wife will reach out to you, perhaps even befriend you. You could slowly work your way into their inner circle. He also drinks a lot. Maybe he’ll let something slip; maybe one of his friends will mention the vault in the basement below the store.”
Shelby works for a security and investigations company that insured the Fitzgerald collection for Princeton, to the tune of 25 million, and absolutely can’t allow the public to know they were stolen. Enter Bruce Cable, owner of an incredibly successful bookstore on Camino Island. Our featured suspect and most likely new owner of the Fitzgerald Five. Of course, an attractive dude, and had I mentioned Mercer is single? Shelby wants her to get close to Cable and learn what he’s got in his vault. Boy does she!
“This came from Princeton.” He opened the box, and announced proudly, “The original manuscript of The Last Tycoon.” Mercer’s jaw dropped as she stared in disbelief and eased closer. She tried to speak but couldn’t find the words.”
The novel’s minor discussion about books and publishing may place a minuscule snag in your reading pleasure, but this small authorial indiscretion can be easily overlooked. I realize Grisham normally whips up a frenzy of courtroom dramas with lawyer layered lowdowns, but this sand-in-your toes tome will take you away.

In the end, you learn, life is not your vault.

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