Our Pumpkin Seedlings Are Bursting To Grow—In The Ground!

Our Seedlings are So Ready!

After we bought our farm out here in NW Wisconsin, we realized that we wanted to do more than just grow our own food, can like crazy and tromp around in the woods.

We wanted to create a value added product that would not only provide us with some extra cash, but would contribute to this amazing community by providing well-paying jobs. We tried growing herbs, considered a peony flower farm and then happened upon pumpkin seed oil.

Why in the world had no one done this before? Pumpkins originated from here and no one had thought to create pumpkin seed oil. Well—there it was!

Now we have a wonderful crew who help plant hundreds of seed trays and then deliver seedlings to our growers. After the first frost, we harvest, clean and dry the seeds and then have the oil pressed.

Now the easy part, we begin to sell that year’s ‘vintage.’

Right now it’s a labor of love and that’s enough.

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