Bring Back The Sun—Please!

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This time of year always throws me, not only do I fight the notion of what’s coming (the white stuff) but also am grateful for the break. I will be. Maybe.


Picking flowers dipped in frost, V’s of geese squawking orders above, the sun taking its dear old time climbing over our hill, slipping into ice-cold garden gloves and planting garlic cloves full of hope. It’s all wrapped together into this fall crunchy leaves time thing. And the colors. Amazing colors are popping into the picture. Crazy reds and yellows and oranges that dazzle. I bring selected maple leaves in and arrange them on tables and countertops.


I have a love-hate relationship with fall. I do. The crispy air is great, it really is. I love the amount of energy I have and how the humidity has left town. But the light, it’s different and telling and it always gets me. Especially late afternoon, how the day up and leaves the area in one big sun-drop. BAM!


“We’re out of time people!” I hear the group that tosses the sun up there in the morning, yelling as they zip up their coats and cart away the orb.

I’m standing in the driveway, wanting a few more hours of light. Just a couple of rays to pull a few more weeds, wrestle that Morning Glory vine down now that it’s kaput and maybe I should unscrew the hose from the house. Again.


You’d think I would get used to this, right? That I’d be all amped and ready with cords of cut firewood stacked and eager to warm the house. But I’m so not there, so not ready for this. Give me some days (in a row please) of summer sun, you know the one, windows open warm breezes and all that noise of life around me. C’mon, who is in charge here? I head in to where it’s warm.




A Tree Grows Tall

A Tree Grows Tall

We discovered this old oak tree years ago when we first moved here to Prairie Farm, Wisconsin and it has intrigued me ever since.


Hidden away back behind a hill, next to where one of our many springs begins its journey to the Hay River, it too begins. I imagine all this tree has witnessed, the storms that have tugged and pulled at the grand branches that reach for the sky.


What quiet power it exudes as it soaks up the sun and holds singing birds and drops acorn-goodies that are scurried away into secret squirrel pantry’s for safe keeping.


Who holds you up when life wants to slam you to the ground?


Maybe you have a place or a person or a phrase that gives you strength to march on, to take that next breath, to live. Life can be so hard sometimes, it can, we all need a tree to lean on, to marvel at, and to imagine.


Better still, be that tree…

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Alien Man in White


Okay, so that is me and I had just been into (literally) my two bee hives to see how the queens are taking care of business. Not so good. Like writing a novel, if the main character doesn’t step forward and get things cracking, the supporting characters don’t stand a chance.

Stay tuned! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

July In the News

Spring. It’s Not just a Rumor Anymore.


We couldn’t stand not having flowers another second, or so. Forced some Hyacinths and boy were they just what we needed.

Take a whiff.

It won’t be long now.


Spring in a pink pot (2)

The Plot Thickens, and Rises and Sizzles and…


One word that can drive a writer bananas. Sure we have the same amount of the stuff as everyone else. Right? Yet when an idea is bubbling and taking form it seems to take forever sometimes.




Then it happens. The ta-dum moment. And off you zip. Whether you paint or write songs or put together ships or are planning your dream home. Time. All things creative need that one element to become.


To unfold and be.


We all could stand to sit still a tad more. To unfurl thoughts and see where they lead. I’m thrilled to share that I seem to be off and running with this new novel. I am. Not going to say another word about it. Just that it’s taking shape.


My storyboard is filling up. Characters are poking me when I’m trying to sleep. I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Go find some time and follow your creative stuff…

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