Open Sandwiches and you…

Not your ordinary ‘open sandwich’ !

Not sure if you recall, but in the thriller, ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,’ all they ate, chapter after chapter, was buckets of coffee and open sandwiches!
I mean, these characters were just so dang deprived it made me want to fly over to that ghastly little cottage and whip up some eggs and toast!
So—I toasted several English muffins, lathered on the tomato-basil hummus and topped the little gems with home-grown fenugreek sprouts and a few shakes of French dressing.
Open sandwich, yes, but c’mon—make sure your characters are eating (and drinking) things that will make the reader wanna dive in. Not yawn.
I’ll be experimenting with all sorts of  hors d’ oeuvres this winter as one of my main characters only eats them. Sorry Ken…—Jay


  1. I don’t mind, I’ll eat whatever but just make sure in your books you don’t fall back on the “open face sandwiches” mime. Such a great story, the Girl trilogy, a page turner, but you could tell the author, Stieg Larsson, didn’t care about the food, always fell back on “open face sandwiches and coffee”.

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