Moon Over Madeline Island

Every day in her busy Wisconsin beauty salon, Eve’s clients trust her with their hair and their hearts. Unattached and not unhappy about it, she chugs along through life, fuelled by coffee, gossip, and the daily round of split-end crises and dye disasters – until long-time client Ruby proposes something completely wild. Maybe it’s the perm fumes, but she wants Eve to drop everything and move with her to a rambling, dilapidated cottage way up north at the lake. What’s even crazier is that Eve agrees. The lure of escaping their ordinary lives for total freedom is too tempting to ignore, although neither one of them expects it to come with a barn full of cobwebs, an eccentric cast of local characters, and a brand-new business to run. The difference is, bare feet, good food – not to mention the time to make it – and the serene beauty of the lake in their front yard make facing each new challenge a lot more fun. If life is what you make of it, Eve and Ruby are bound and determined to make it fabulous…

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