Jay’s Tuesday in Geneva

Ken heading off to the salt mines—in high fashion—I might add. And I went off to the land known as Geneva…

An openair vegetable market in “Old Towne.”

My horrible lunch, (are you looking Kurtie?) yes, I ate the whole thing and had to hurry, the birds were moving in.

Antique book shop in the middle of a very narrow alleyway. The woman proprietor spent a great deal of time fussing with a front windowshe should have asked me!

An interesting view from a curving street that ended at someone‘s doorwayyes, I tried the doorno luck!


  1. Very open air market I should say and the pizza looks great. You must be having such fun. Ken looks great so cool that you are there. Next is Cher oh lord that will be enough for this year:)



  2. Thanks for more pictures. The city is beautiful! How are the people there? Were you able to find your way around the city ok? Have any chocolate yet?

  3. This is wonderful…just as I had imagined..why am I not there with you? The lunch looks so good. The bookstore..I wish I lived in it.

    Love the profiles…and Ken you look so smart all dressed up…see you~!

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