Alien Man in White


Okay, so that is me and I had just been into (literally) my two bee hives to see how the queens are taking care of business. Not so good. Like writing a novel, if the main character doesn’t step forward and get things cracking, the supporting characters don’t stand a chance.

Stay tuned! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

July In the News

Spring. It’s Not just a Rumor Anymore.


We couldn’t stand not having flowers another second, or so. Forced some Hyacinths and boy were they just what we needed.

Take a whiff.

It won’t be long now.


Spring in a pink pot (2)

It’s Legal In Wisconsin—Finally! We’re Marrrrrrrrrried!

We are so excited to announce that after 19 years of living in total sin—Ken and I are married as of November 2, 2014! Couldn’t be happier. My folks were our witnesses.


Our Marriage Day!

Almost 50 Reviews! C’mon—I Need Yours. It’s a Numbers Game—PLAY!

On Amazon, the more reviews you can score, the better your chances are for finding new readers. All you have to do is share a sentence or two, give it a rating and viola! I really would appreciate it. C’mon! Follow this link:


Do You Remember Postcardzzz?

Recently my 101 year old Great Aunt Esther passed away. She left behind over a hundred years worth of stuff in her house and there was a rusted tin of postcards hidden away.

This will be the inspiration for my new novel.

Think Pandora’s Box.