Madeline Island School of the Arts ROCKS! (again)



My MISA Table---Heaven


Once again, I returned to MISA for some much needed inspiration.

Well, to be honest, I needed a Mary Carroll Moore hit.

The island is magical. Something changes when you ferry over and step onto it. A letting go begins. Something opens for you to do your art, find your voice and discover a new path.

I was thrilled to learn that my sister would be coming as well. She attended a watercolor class and as the week unfolded, I watched her work go from tightly woven, to more free.

We both came away with something new to add to our tool kits. I’m realizing as I grow as a writer, there is much to learn.

Find time to do your art. This small table with the view of waving grass helped me find mine.

Find yours.

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