How Do We Choose to Express Our Inner Selves?

My sister is quite the water color artist as you can see from the piece above. Take a look at more of her work using the link right below the painting.

Interesting how we choose to express our inner selves. From water color to words to sewing together works of art (that would be my brother, Kurt) it’s so darn important to simply find your media and let it out!

I honestly think that I might explode if I didn’t write. Hard to explain this need to express myself, but there you have it. I also feel that the more i get my thoughts out there in front of not only me, but those who choose to read my work, the more I learn and grow and—-hopefully—become a better writer.

Now this blog is a new venture for me. I hope to share my thoughts as often as I’ve the time and something that I feel is interesting to share. Who knows, maybe this baby will grow into something a whole lot more.

You never know how something may turn out until—you show up and get to work!!!


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