Consider This


Walking through the house, capturing the sun’s reflection as the warm, wintry rays spilled across floors, onto red towels and through snowy windows—I too reflected.

So much of what we do is returned back to us in more ways than we probably realize. How we treat those around us is turned back our way and this is where growth begins.

Take time to reflect and try to see things in different ways—through different eyes. This is how change can happen and you’ll begin to see things you had maybe missed.

Through reflection I learn what my characters I write about are made of; or lacking. I have to really ‘see’ how they view the world. It’s a tricky business, this writing thing, yet it allows me to be so many people.

And I don’t always like what I find either—I suppose this is what makes it all so interesting and why i enjoy it so much. So the next time you meet someone you can’t quite figure out (or maybe want to shake) try reflecting on what perhaps they see and maybe you’ll learn something.

Maybe you’ll see yourself…

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