It’s Legal In Wisconsin—Finally! We’re Marrrrrrrrrried!

We are so excited to announce that after 19 years of living in total sin—Ken and I are married as of November 2, 2014! Couldn’t be happier. My folks were our witnesses.


Our Marriage Day!

She Did It!

I am so excited to announce the arrival of a wonderful friend’s new novel!!!


Carrie Maloney has been volunteering at their local humane society for years.  Being incredibly creative, came up with a canine tale that will rip your heart out and fill it up with hope and love and joy! Click for More!


breath to breath cover art


So—the old adage of, “as fate would have it” has come to pass.

It has.

I was simply not able to muster the proper oomph (a technical writing term) to revisit Eve & Ruby.

At least not now.

Which means I have a new and exciting novel I’m mapping out and this go around I think I’ll keep it under wraps until at least the first draft is shaped and formed and bubbling away.

One of the many things I’ve learned about being a word-artist is to know when a project is not panning out is to step away and let something new take shape.

Getting out of your own way to allow a fresh flow of energy to sweep your imagination toward a new direction—now that’s what art is all about. Letting go to forge ahead.

Now get out of your way and start something.


Why Do We ‘Can’?

Who in the world named this process canning? Honestly. I really enjoy it, whatever you call it. The process itself is tedious and time-consuming and makes a huge mess. But later, say during a winter snowstorm, it’s a huge joy to take down a jar of tomato juice, pop off the cover and enjoy all that sunshine in there.

Funny—how we think we can indeed do that, capture sunshine.

Yet this very same thought process is what makes a good story a great read. See how I snuck right into novel writing from canning some tomatoes? Honestly, writing is similar to say, baking bread too. You have certain ingredients you have to add into a story to make it unfold in just the right manner. Too much, say, backstory and the reader gets bored. Not enough plot twists or too many characters can really flatten a tale. Same for bread-making. Too much flour and you’ve got a brick on your hands. I should know, I used to bake bricks.

So many ingredients roll into a good novel. The one I’m currently writing has begun to take on a life of its own. Not that I’m not involved, it’s all me in there, but once a story begins to unfold, if all the pieces are lining up, well, I really simply need to show up!

Let the canning/writing continue!

Canning Sunshine 2014


I Have a New Author Friend!

I had the pleasure of sharing the author-spotlight with a new voice—J.F. Riordan.

Her new novel has just come out and it’s an awesome read. We had a wonderful time at the Fond du Lac Fondue Festival AND I’ve found a new voice in the world of literature and boy am I inspired. Write on!

J F Riordan & Me at Bookworld 9.2014