The Joys of July with Jay

Buster in July

The true joy of summertime is being outside with the wind messing through your hair, a trowel rooting in the earth and the sounds of all that life buzzing away the hours. And then it’s July and you wonder where it all went and do we really have to do winter again this go around?


Spring. It’s Not just a Rumor Anymore.


We couldn’t stand not having flowers another second, or so. Forced some Hyacinths and boy were they just what we needed.

Take a whiff.

It won’t be long now.


Spring in a pink pot (2)

The Plot Thickens, and Rises and Sizzles and…


One word that can drive a writer bananas. Sure we have the same amount of the stuff as everyone else. Right? Yet when an idea is bubbling and taking form it seems to take forever sometimes.




Then it happens. The ta-dum moment. And off you zip. Whether you paint or write songs or put together ships or are planning your dream home. Time. All things creative need that one element to become.


To unfold and be.


We all could stand to sit still a tad more. To unfurl thoughts and see where they lead. I’m thrilled to share that I seem to be off and running with this new novel. I am. Not going to say another word about it. Just that it’s taking shape.


My storyboard is filling up. Characters are poking me when I’m trying to sleep. I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Go find some time and follow your creative stuff…

March blog Post (2)






A New Dude has Arrived!

There is a new face at the farm.
Meet Buster. The cat, the dude, the never-stops-meowing fur ball full of fun and tons of trouble all wrapped in one. We can’t wait to let him outside so he can run around and do chores. Lots of chores…

Buster in Teal (2)

Containers of Your Past—Can Lead You Forward

Something as simple as a vase made years ago by Ken’s mother, holds more than pine from the farm and ornaments once my grandmothers—it holds memories. This was one of the few things that survived our house fire.

Here it is for us to fill.

I use it all year around; pine branches now, dried weeds in the fall and wild flowers in the spring all the way through summertime. It holds sunshine and hope, gives what it holds a chance to grace our table, standing quiet, the golden shape of a deer emblazoned forever into bisque.

Smoke stains left in the creases remind us of the past, what it holds keeps us in the present.

We surround ourselves with our memories, but take time to see them. If something as simple as a vase holds you back, put some sunshine inside and make your own present.

Ken's Vase