Our spring is, well SPRUNGING!

What a beautiful site—to me—when the spring above our pond is once again dancing down the hill. Though it flows all winter, it’s hidden under ice and snow and I miss it like crazy. I spend hours up there all summer long, flowing water is one of my favorite writing inspiration prompts. One…


Do you Feel Spring-eeeeee?

Even though the calendar is telling us March is nearly kaput, the amount of snow still out there is really not very spring-like. And the temperatures. Man. What is the most tiring of all is that we’re all still moaning about it!

Honestly, we need to throw open the windows and get SPRING-EEEEEEE!




Artie’s Deco II has begun…(working title)

With my agent, Alison 007, shopping my finished novel to potential publishers, I’ve begun a sequel. I just wasn’t done with the characters and they have a few loose ends in need of tying up. “To the Storyboard!” I say…


Read My Interview With Leti Del Mar

Can you believe her beautiful name? And I didn’t make it up either!

She took the time to ask me some great stuff, made me do some thinking and I think you’ll enjoy it.

First Click the title of this article.

Then Click here and off you’ll go to her blog.

Leti Del Mar

Beautiful Woman Caught Reading My Novel!

Not too too toooo long ago, Kay Moen-Urseth was on vacation with her hubby, Mike, who caught her in this totally un-posed shot. I believe they were in Jamaica. Is she not totally cool? YES!

Where have you been caught reading Full Moon Over Madeline Island?

Kay Reading Full Moon in Jamaica