The Joys of July with Jay

Buster in July

The true joy of summertime is being outside with the wind messing through your hair, a trowel rooting in the earth and the sounds of all that life buzzing away the hours. And then it’s July and you wonder where it all went and do we really have to do winter again this go around?


A New Dude has Arrived!

There is a new face at the farm.
Meet Buster. The cat, the dude, the never-stops-meowing fur ball full of fun and tons of trouble all wrapped in one. We can’t wait to let him outside so he can run around and do chores. Lots of chores…

Buster in Teal (2)

She Did It!

I am so excited to announce the arrival of a wonderful friend’s new novel!!!


Carrie Maloney has been volunteering at their local humane society for years.  Being incredibly creative, came up with a canine tale that will rip your heart out and fill it up with hope and love and joy! Click for More!


breath to breath cover art

I Have a New Author Friend!

I had the pleasure of sharing the author-spotlight with a new voice—J.F. Riordan.

Her new novel has just come out and it’s an awesome read. We had a wonderful time at the Fond du Lac Fondue Festival AND I’ve found a new voice in the world of literature and boy am I inspired. Write on!

J F Riordan & Me at Bookworld 9.2014

Back to The Garden(s)

We are back to having a vegetable garden again! I couldn’t be happier and boy has it been a great year to grow HUGE sunflowers. As I spend time out there, pulling weeds and picking green beans, I find so much openness for my writing mind to unfurl. I have started two new novels and both of them have left me high and dry.

I’ve learned a long time ago, not to push my creativeness in a direction that doesn’t seem quite right.

Well, guess what? I am heading back to Madeline Island with Eve and Ruby.
Now this feels right. Any boy are things about to fly out of—never mind. I have more weeding to do, more thinking too.

This one is gunna be something!!!

Vegetable Garden August 2014