Another Tease!

Hello fans of Eve & Ruby. I would like to share another installment of Chapter One from Full Moon Over Madeline Island.

Follow this link and enjoy some more!

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Something the writer in me is stewing about. The use of devices your characters use in your/my/our writing. Like if you have so-and-so tap on a screen, versus selecting a CD

I swear, (not much, really) that the minute you’re done with what you think is your final draft—BAM—another new thing is replacing some old thing.

Remember LP’s? Tapes? CD’s?

Not sure where to draw the line and when do you just say, “That’s it! I’m done and the iPod is what my characters will use…”

An interesting problem and something to consider. But not something—maybe, help me here—not to anguish over.

Ah, the dilemmas of writing in this so fast-changing-world.


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