A Room of One’s Own















Every writing day, I come to this place filled with simple things that hold meaning only to me. It’s here, in my writing room, that I try to slow my mind and find the story-line I was trailing along last writing session.

My desk was my great grandmother’s, the small lamp, my great aunt Esther’s and on it goes. Stones from the springs that flow here are on nearly all the window sills to remind me that nature is right here, outside my window— waiting.

Space and what you fill it with, as well as how you care for it, can often times mirror your mind.

Is it a peaceful place, inside that head of yours? Or is it in need of some spring cleaning. Are there some things you can let go of, or maybe move into a different space to make room for something new?

Even if it’s just a corner somewhere, find it and put what inspires you most there in front of you. Then see what it brings to you—even if it’s just a grin.

Everyone should have; A Room of One’s Own.

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