A Tree Grows Tall

A Tree Grows Tall

We discovered this old oak tree years ago when we first moved here to Prairie Farm, Wisconsin and it has intrigued me ever since.


Hidden away back behind a hill, next to where one of our many springs begins its journey to the Hay River, it too begins. I imagine all this tree has witnessed, the storms that have tugged and pulled at the grand branches that reach for the sky.


What quiet power it exudes as it soaks up the sun and holds singing birds and drops acorn-goodies that are scurried away into secret squirrel pantry’s for safe keeping.


Who holds you up when life wants to slam you to the ground?


Maybe you have a place or a person or a phrase that gives you strength to march on, to take that next breath, to live. Life can be so hard sometimes, it can, we all need a tree to lean on, to marvel at, and to imagine.


Better still, be that tree…

2015 July Blog



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